Auto Care Timaru is an MTA Approved ‘One Stop Shop’ for a full range of vehicle maintenance services in Timaru, South Canterbury‚Äč

The experienced  automotive team

at Auto Care Timaru can service and

repair all makes and models of vehicles.‚Äč


Frequent car servicing is essential to proper car maintenance. Goodyear Auto Care offers a comprehensive range of tailored car servicing to keep your vehicle running and keep you safe.  These regular checks minimise the wear and tear that can lead to a breakdown by finding parts that have worn out and need replacing.


Regular Car Servicing:


  • Maintains your car's fuel economy
  • Extends engine life
  • Reduces the cost of repairs over the life of the vehicle
  • Reduces vehicle off-road time
  •  Improves resale value when the time comes
  • Keeps you safe on the road


Our standard vehicle servicing includes, oil and oil filter change as well as checking coolant, air filter, cabin filter, brake fluid, window washer fluid, and tyre pressure.  We can also replace your spark plugs as part of a more comprehensive servicing schedule.



We offer expert Automotive Repairs, and problem diagnostics.

If your vehicle has a noise, vibration or unusual handling characteristic, call into see the team at Goodyear to have it checked out. Your suspension is the only thing that keeps your tyres in contact with the road and, if not correctly maintained, it is likely to be very dangerous. The trained technicians at Goodyear Timaru will evaluate your vehicle, and give you an accurate assessment of its safety. We carry out all suspension repairs for WOF purposes including:


·         Shocks

·         Springs

·         Steering Parts

·         Coil Springs

·         Bushes

·         Leaf Springs

·         CV joints and boots

·         And the list goes on . . . . .


Our team will quickly and efficiently determine the cause of your vehicle troubles, and have the problem resolved before you know it. Trust us for reliable, professional car care at highly competitive rates.  Come in and get your free quote today.


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